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Honest 21 Day Shift Shop Review

shift shop results

The Excitement and Cost of a Rapid Rebuild

A Honest 21 Day Shift Shop Review by Andy Johnson

I thought I would put it to the test using my farmer’s discipline and work ethic. I set out to to this program as intended so I could bring back an honest 21 Day Shift Shop review. Could results this extreme really happen in just 3 weeks?

Short Answer: Yes… but at a cost. (video review at the bottom)

The Results

Every program ever made has success stories to back up the claims they make on the marketing material. Sure, in a controlled environment, under coaching of the program creator, and closely supervised nutrition big results are possible.

How about someone that would do the program like the general public would? Could we get similar results. I set out to do the workouts as intended and followed the nutrition guide closely. I did no other training other than what was outlined in the program. Here is how it turned out.

Honest 21 Day Shift Shop Review

Honest 21 Day Shift Shop Review

11 pounds and 6 inches lost from an already lean frame. My results really popped. Was this too good to be true?

Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

Prior to this program I had been eating at a calorie surplus and lifting pretty heavy to build mass. This transition was to one where I was eating at a calorie deficit, and decreasing starchy carbs while ramping up intensity.  The scale was going to move.

It’s easy to get caught up into the quick results trap. While these results are sure to catch your attention some of what is happening is body water manipulation.

Shift Shop Nutrition

This program is designed to give you a rapid transformation in just 3 weeks. They do this by ramping up the intensity of the workouts while progressively decreasing starchy carbs. Combine this with eating at a calorie deficit it is a sure way to lose body fat but also mostly general body weight with you depleting the glycogen and water levels in your body. The carbs turn into glycogen, and most information says that 1 gram of carbs bonds to 3 grams of water in your body. While the weight came off fast, it would go back on fast too which is super discouraging to someone just starting out.

The food on the food lists are all great options that are nutritionally dense while giving great variety to fit a wide range of pallets. Recipes provided with the program are excellent and help make sticking to the meal plan easier. I found myself eating lots of eggs mixed with different options which was great since we have our own chickens on the farm.

Shift Shop Workouts

The workouts alternate between speed days and strength days, and also increase in length every week. Week 1 they are only 25 minutes long. Week 2 they are 35 minutes. The last week they are 45 minutes. The intensity of the workouts also increase.

I found the week 1 workouts to be pretty easy but by week 3 I was really struggling to make it through. Other programs you feel stronger as it goes along. In Shift Shop I was doing intense workouts in a depleted glycogen state and felt weak. My stamina had dipped and I felt like I was just hanging on, rather than thriving.

I understand that this was designed to rabidly change my body composition, but I believe working out should not be solely focused on how you look. It would have been nice to feel more empowered towards the end. This is my honest 21 day shift shop review. It’ wasn’t all roses.

The cuing and explanation of moves was excellent. There were great video and audio cues to help make sure the moves were done with correct form and targeting the correct muscles.

Shift Shop Super Trainer – Chris Downing

One of my favorite parts of the shift shop program was the energy and coaching from super trainer Chris Downing. He was a perfect mix of humor, motivation, and butt kicking to get you through the tough workout. Chris is a big guy, but he has a humble quality that makes him easy to like and trust. The cuing of the moves was excellent and Chris always seemed to say the right things to help you hang in the moves to the end.

Agility Markers

A new hook for this program was the introduction of the agility markers. These are 4 different colored hexagon disks that help with speed drills. I loved the concept of writing empowering messages on them to fuel yourself through the program.

One of the drawbacks to using them is that they require quite a bot of space to be able to get the most out of them. Most at home indoor workout spaces could not accommodate the full space needed. With Beachbody on Demand it is something you could take outside if you wanted to.

Final Thoughts

I was amazed how fast my body changed in just 21 days, but I left day 21 feeling tired and depleted. My results came at a cost, and would go away as soon as I brought my normal amount of carbs back into my nutrition. In this honest 21 day shift shop review I felt it important to give you both the good and the bad.

At the end of the day, most people are chasing long term and sustainable FAT loss. Touting  short term rapid weight loss is somewhat chasing a shinny object towards a long term goal. However, it does have a place. People cutting down for an event, or trying to bust out of a plateau might greatly benefit from this program.

Final Score 6.5/10


Supplements used during this program.

Shakeology, and Beachbody Performance Line

  • Biases. I am a Beachbody coach, but offer a wide variety of programs. This is one tool I offer. It’s important to me to to recommend the right program for you, not promote a specific one.

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