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Farmstrong Five is my premier program guaranteed to have you see your blind spots, deal with your excuses, and do the hard work to get you closer to your goals. You will thrive in this small group environment with a culture designed for success. This group is high stakes, and only for the truly committed. This group is not for everyone, but we have a 96% success rate for those who move forward.

14 Pounds Down in 6 Weeks

Megan Ellis

Megan got a system and structure to clean up her eating and get amazing results in just 6 weeks!

90 Pounds Down!

Rhea Moriarity

Rhea only lost 4 pounds her first month but gained the skills to make it a lifestyle change. Check her out 90 pounds later and at her goal weight.

This is Why This Program Is Different!

Farmstrong Coaching is disrupting the industry in helping people get healthy and fit by putting an increased focus on accountability. Imagine you bought something from IKEA, get it home and find no assembly instructions. This is what it’s like at most gyms. You have all the things to get the job done, but no guidance. Paying extra for the furniture hardware, and assembly instructions are like paying extra for personal training and meal plans.

My VIP Program

$ 13
/ Month
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$ 13-200
 / Month


$ 50
 An Hour
When you hire me you get fitness, nutrition, and support at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost at a gym, but what separates me the most is the accountability I provide. Farmstrong Five is the ultimate system with the small group motivation to cheer you on and 3rd party accountability systems to hold you to your commitments.

Increased Commitment Leads To Results That Stickk

Farmstrong Five participants will be asked to design a commitment contract on and pledge an amount of money that matters to them to an anti-charity if not fulfilled.“ (Money is only paid in event of a failed commitment)
  • Commit to working out at least 5 days a week.
  • Build a plan around what you want to be held to for 4 weeks. People have committed to quit smoking, lose weight, and being more productive in business.
  • Help the other group members fulfill their commitments and stay in integrity with your own goals. Sign a contract on Stickk to ensure your commitment.

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This program is NOT for everyone. Only apply if you are ready for transformation in your life. There is no easy button in life and this program isn’t easy by any means. If you are ready, this is the very best system to have you fulfill your goals.

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