Meisha Krutar has lost over 133 pounds in the last 18 months! Incredible right?

Aren’t you a little curious about what happened during her First 10? How did she start that led to such a huge transformation?

I am so excited to feature Meisha on the next episode of #farmstrongfirst10 to highlight how humble beginnings can lead to life changing results.

Farmstrong First 10 With Jessica Shoeneman

Jessica said “no” to her mom’s “fat pants”!

Jessica wanted to get “buffAF” and was even willing to give up her beloved craft beer until she hit her goal weight. Now she is under 150 pounds for the first time in 6 years and is closing in on her goal weight. Listen to Jessica’s story of self discovery and strength.

Farmstrong First 10 With Jennifer Souder

Jennifer is always smiling and bringing positivity to this journey and is on her way to losing 30 pounds by her 30th birthday. Farmstrong First 10 is about shining light on the start of the journey because the first 10 pounds includes the reason to change. Check out this awesome Mother’s Day edition with an amazing Mom making a difference for her last and her family.

Farmstrong First 10 With Michele Forsberg

From modifer to muai thai. Michele found her inner badass!

Michele discovered that starting her day with movement makes her heart happy. Michele found her grove and has lost 15 pounds by waking up and taking on the day. She used Core De Force and P90X3 to let her inner badass shine through!

Farmstrong First 10 With Mandi Whistler

When you lose a child how do you respond?

Mandi’s First 10 is a story of tragedy, grace, compassion, and hope. Her story is guaranteed to touch the hearts of any parent. Following the stillbirth of her daughter Ember, Mandi’s weight climbed as she mourned the loss. Now she does plank and push-up challenged with her son, and is becoming a yogi! Mandi has shared her journey with the world as is a tremendous source of inspiration as she continues spread love and hope to those around her.

Farmstrong First 10 With John Mathewes

John Mathewes has lost 22 pounds and has motivated his family to get healthy with him resulting in 70 pounds lost!

John has the words “Happiness Project” tattooed across his biceps, and he truly embodies that phrase. John is a high school coach and former professional football player who felt unfulfilled after retiring earlier than expected. John’s first 10 represents a comeback story and spreading happiness!

Farmstrong First 10 With Rhea Moriarty

Rhea Moriarty has lost over 52 pounds in the Results Through Recovery VIP system

Consistent effort produces consistent results! Rhea works at the humane society and working with animals were taking their toll on her knees and back. Starting her journey she couldn’t do a single push-up from her knees. After trying diets and going to the gym she finally found something that clicked.

Rhea gets consistent results because she consistently shows up! This is now a way of life rather that a short term push.

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