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This journey will test you. We hope that you have the fortitude to keep going. We will help you push past the "I can't" and be the best version of your self. Dig in and fight. We will teach you how to overcome, and realize this journey is about the long haul and not the short term ups and downs. Let's #GrowYourDreams


We look at food as fuel for your amazing life. This isn't about going on a "diet". Eat in a way that empowers you. We believe that food is a tool and can give you super powers. The biggest contribution towards a healthy life is addressing your nutrition. We will help educate, promote, and motivate you to eat in a way that fuels your life.


This is an empowerment group dedicated to help you achieve your personal goals. You will have access to a motivation and accountability coach. This is where many people see a difference in their success. You will not only have a community working with you but also a coach that is working with you side by side as well.

Two Powerful Teams Committed
To Helping You Get Results.

Cafe of Life

The Cafe of Life is here to serve you and whatever your health intentions are. Our approach recognizes each person as an individual, with individual specific needs.

Our chiropractic technique is designed to let people heal physically and mentally. As people are moving forward in health, we will be able to recognize and address the lifestyle and thought processes that have led them to that point in the first place. At that point we can incorporate the shifts in life and in thought that will bring about more beneficial results in the body and the mind.

Farmstrong Coaching

I want to help people because I know what it’s like to look at your life and see a big gap between what you know you are capable of and what you are actually doing. I stand for people who want to work to close that gap. I believe that focusing on fitness and health can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit allowing people to pursue their passion. I champion people who are ready to put in the work that will lead to a phenomenal life. My goal is to help others grow their dreams through hard work, perseverance, and passion. I encourage people to dream big and to not put limits on the amazing things they can accomplish.

Total Cost $170

What is included?

  • Access to the Punch Your Excuses in The Face Group. starting soon!
  • 12 months of daily virtual coaching from Fitness Coach Andy Johnson and Dr. Jessica Thompson
  • Online tools to log your progress and stay accountable.
  • Customized workouts and nutrition plans suited to fit your goals.
  • A community of support to cheer you on!
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED! If you don’t love your results after the 30 days for any reason you can get your money back!

BONUS OFFER IF YOU ORDER BY JANUARY 8th!! ($150 in bonus offers)

  • Chiropractic exam before the group starts.
  • 30 minute massage during your first week to relieve sore muscles.
  • 1 free adjustment during the course of the group
  • Access to our in-house fit clubs

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