Want Results? Punch Your Excuses in the Face!

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Make the world a better place, punch your excuses in the face!

Are you sick of health and fitness stuff trying to make you think that you are broken, or need to be “fixed”? All you have to do is take advantage of a special limited time only offer…..

I think that’s crap. Check out this video for a better explanation.

Consider that you are whole, perfect, and complete you just are surrounded by excuses or “muck” as I call it. You don’t need to be fixed, you just need to be taught how to start punching.

But there is the problem…

Erasing Vs Covering up

When you invest in a program, many people believe that all you have to do is follow what the system says and you will get the results you want.

That is sort of like hiring someone to take a test for you at school. It might help you pass the class, but some point you either know the information or you don’t. Systems like Beachbody On Demand, Crossfit, or going to the gym are fine, but true transformation doesn’t happen until you confront the things holding you back. What happens when you take the system away? If you tried something in the past and failed, what is going to be different this time? Are you punching your excuses in the face or just covering up the root cause of the problem?

Get coaching

I don’t just tell you how to punch your excuses in the face.

I break it down EXACTLY how to do it in a way that is relatable and makes sense. That is the coaching and service you can only get from me. Stay tuned for a 5 part series on my five best excuses to punch in the face. When your punches start to land, all that is left is the version of you who is free to be exactly how you want.

When you are ready to do the work, are coachable, and want to commit to a healthier lifestyle I hope you contact me to help you deal with the muck.


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