Why Nutrition is Hard | The Crazy Marketing of Food

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Why Nutrition is Hard

Don’t be fooled by marketing, learn to be your own advocate.

It all started one day when I got into the tractor to take over the planting from my Dad. He is a candy fan and had a half eaten box of Runts sitting there. I laughed as I was reading the back and it was talking about “thoughtful portions”. No wonder most people are wondering why nutrition is hard. Everything, even candy tries to tell you it’s good for you.

What if Candy just said, “Hey, this is Candy. Treat yo self” It created this Facebook post which started one of my most popular series on my page. Check it out.

But, Yogurt is healthy right? I’ll eat that.

The next day I was at the grocery store and picked up this Noosa Yoghurt. First of all, Yoghurt??? Okay Noosa. Second, I was laughing at their whimsical marketing about how happy the cows are and how you can sent in your love poems. Then I saw how many grams of sugar were in the stuff.

32 grams. Holy Smokes. That was at least 3 thoughtful portions of Runts candy. People think they are being healthy by having yogurt, but its sugary like ice cream. No wonder people fail to see results.

The Other Problem.

The other problem is that truly healthy, whole foods have terrible marketing. Apples, have “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” They have been leaning on that one slogan for decades. How about Bananas? They made a cool Halloween costume I guess.

Garlic? Uh… Wards off Vampires?

Broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach don’t have anything? How are we supposed to buy healthy stuff if we aren’t being marketed to? I had to make a video and rant. Watch it, it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever made.


So what are we supposed to do?

The short answer.. Do your best, and be your own advocate. Do your research and look past the marketing.

I have a theory. With Nutrition there are 3 things to take into consideration.


Generally you get to pick two out of the 3 options. My best advice is to pick quality as a given. With that said you are generally going to pay more for healthy and convenient, or take some time to meal prep for something healthy and affordable.

In this video I share how to get all three.

So that’s why nutrition is hard… Among other reasons.

My best advice is to work with a coach and follow a plan. To get where you want to go find someone who has done it. Everybody has nutrition advice, most of it is bad. Be your own advocate, find your own answers, and work to get what your body needs.

At the end of the day…. This stuff is hard. Most of us are right there with you.


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