Top 10 Routines to Try in Beachbody On Demand

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Beachbody on Demand is an Amazing Resource

Where do you start? Here are the top routines to try in Beachbody On Demand

Whether you just started your On Demand Subscription, or are considering starting there is something for everyone in this vast library. It is also easy to get lost. If you are brand new, try using the sort features to find something you like. Long term success stems from finding a workout regimen you can maintain long term. Let’s help you find something you like! Below you will find 10 of my personal favorites including some little known hidden gems. If you are just starting out, or are looking for something new, here are my top routines to try in Beachbody on Demand.

Note: The below routines are in no particular order.

#1 Piyo – Hardcore on the Floor

Difficulty: 6/10
Time: 30 Minutes
Equipment needed: Yoga Mat (suggested)

Hardcore on the Floor is an amazing 30 minute core routine that you do down on the mat. Many of the ab routines in Beachbody on Demand are in the 9-15 minute range. It’s nice to spend a solid 30 minutes working on all parts of your core. You wont need anything but a yoga mat for this one, but your muscles will be screaming. Chalene Johnson’s motivational style is great for getting you to do more than you thought you could. This routine is not in the PiYo calendar so you have to make a point to do it. It’s a great hidden gem.


#2 P90X – Chest and Back

Difficulty: 9/10
Time: 54 Minutes
Equipment needed: Chin Up Bar, Dumbbells or Resistance Bands

This routine makes my list because it was the first thing I personally ever pushed play on. It’s hard, with seemingly never ending push-ups and pull-ups. This routine is tough as nails and I have never been as sore in my entire life after I did this one for the first time. The beauty of it was that I knew I would get results. Many people think you can’t get a good workout at home. I challenge them to try this. If you want to rabidly change your body and get amazing results without minding a steep challenge give this one a try.

#3 22 Hard Corps – Battle Buddies

Difficulty: 3/10
Time: 22 Minutes
Equipment needed: A workout buddy, sandbag or dumbells

This one you need a partner. Grab a best friend, spouse, or partner and prepare to have fun! It’s a quick 22 minute routine, but my wife and I laugh and have a great time every time we push play on the Battle Buddy routine. By working together you get a super unique and fun workout. Grab a buddy and push play!

#4 Cize- 8 Count Abs

Difficulty: 2/10
Time: 9 Minutes
Equipment needed: None

While this isn’t necessarily the toughest or most efficient ab routine in the library. (My favorite for that is probably Ab Ripper X from P90X3) What I love about this routine is that it goes along with some awesome music. Shaun T is known for his Ab work back from the Hip Hop Ab days. If you finish your workout and want to add a brief 9 minute Ab blaster head over to Cize and do the 8 count abs. Putting it to the music will make you forget how hard you are working.

#5 The 20’s Barre 1

Difficulty: 3/10
Time: 20 Minutes
Equipment needed: None

This hidden gem is a great 20 minute leg routine that is gentle on the knees. Unlike most leg routines that are filled with squats or lunges, barre routines is like a dance class that challenges your lower body by lifting the legs in the air. This routine will also help flexibility and toning. Many exercise are about power, stamina, and strength. This Barre routine adds grace and balance into the mix. If you only have 20 minutes give this one a try.

#6 Core De Force – Dynamic Strength

Difficulty: 7/10
Time: 47 Minutes
Equipment needed: None

Also known as pushups for days in between spiking your heart rate. Also beware of those spinx blasters. I love the Core De Force format as you push hard for 30 minutes then get saved by the bell. This will leave you with your arms and core shaking. Do this consistently and you will quickly see how fast you can improve. Bring it till the bell!

#7 Shaun Week – Day 6, Speed 4.0

Difficulty: 6/10
Time: 31 Minutes
Equipment needed: None

Be prepared to MOVE! my advice is to crank the volume and listen to the music as you try to match pace with Shaun T. Feel the music and stay in it! Be prepared to sweat! This is a high energy, heart rate maximizer. There is also a surprise at the end that is incredibly inspirational and moving. (I won’t give it away) You will need lots of water because there really aren’t many breaks. Get it Loud and sweat your face off. Use it to wake yourself up and get you pumped!

#8 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio Fix

Difficulty: 3/10
Time: 30 Minutes
Equipment needed: Weights

For many people who start a health and Fitness journey, this is the first routine they try. 21 day fix is a great place to start for beginners because the routines are only 30 minutes and there is a great focus on the nutrition plan. Beware of the surrenders. There may or may not be a sneaky bonus round when you think you might get done a little early. If you are just starting your journey this is a great place to begin. The supertrainer, Autumn Calabrese, has excellent cuing, and there is a modifier to accommodate any fitness level.

#9 P90X2 – Recovery and Mobility

Difficulty: 1/10
Time: 58 Minutes
Equipment needed: Foam Roller


Not every workout had to burn your muscles or cause a crazy sweat. Some of the best programs in the library are designed to help you recover. X2 Recovery and Mobility will train you how to use a foam roller. You will be amazed how spending time taking care of yourself will help you comeback stronger. If you don’t have money to spend on massage therapy, this is the next best thing. If you find a workout leaves your muscles sore, give this routine a try.

No Foam Roller? Try X-Stretch from P90X

#10 Autumn’s BOD exclusives – Kill Cupcake

Difficulty: 6/10
Time: 26 Minutes
Equipment needed: Dumbbells

RIP cupcake.

How can you go wrong with a name like that? I love this routine just for the fact that you can go tell your friends the next day that you did a workout called Kill Cupcake. Autumn has a 1 on 1 session with a guy that has a cupcake tattoo. She tries to kill him, and you, in the process. This routine is short but a killer.


With so much great content it’s hard to know where to begin. These are my top routines to try in Beachbody on Demand. I would love to know what your favorites are. Comment below!

My best recommendation is to work with a coach. If you would like some help finding the best programs to fit your individual needs please fill out the form below. I will help you find the right program for you and your goals.


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