The Power of You Matter | Farmstrong Success Story Featuring Christina Rideout

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The Power of You Matter

Farmstrong Five Success Story Featuring Christina Rideout


What do you truly need to hear, see, or most importantly BELIEVE to truly transform your life?

I recently had the blessing to interview Farmstrong Five Success Story, Christina Rideout about her huge mental shift that has unlocked a whole new life check it out.


Christina is a busy mom of two, who does her best to make sure everyone else is taken care of. Most of her peers know her as someone who is strong, independent, and hardworking.

Something was missing though. She joined my group and her profile picture was just simple a black dot. She would write the most encouraging things about others in the group, but barely post about herself.

The Transformation

She gave, but it felt uneasy to receive praise. It was safer to stay out of the spotlight. Who was she to put herself out there. I called her on the phone and brought up the black dot. It was time for real talk. What if she saw her self the way her husband and others saw her. What kind of power could she tap into if she authentically believed that she mattered. I then shared with her a video from Eric Thomas that I was pretty sure she needed to watch. Check it out.

“Our deepest fear is not that we inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful” Eric Thomas

If you can identify with Christina’s story I’m guessing that video hit right at home for you as well. Instantly a switch was flipped on in Christina, and she went to work growing this new way of thinking. She went to facebook and polled her audience having them send her two words they identified when they thought of her.

She was overwhelmed with the positive response.

She went to work on a new project. It’s one thing to have something sound good, but this was a new muscle for her. She did what most people don’t. Habits start as fragile as cobwebs and can turn strong as cables if you stick with it. Christina added daily affirmations to her daily routine. This is what she created from that response and has hung it where she can see it daily.


What would life look like if you believed you were what people saw in you? What power and vibrancy would that give you? It’s the power of I matter!

Many people join my groups with thinking they are going to lose inches and pounds. Many times that is just a side effect of the whole new life you get when you fight for what you want. I hope Christina’s story inspired you to fight for things that you want.

If you would like to join a similar group to what she went through, please fill out the form below.

People in your life need to be reminded that they matter, please share this with someone who needs to hear it.


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