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Go to the Source!

A fit farmer’s take on producing and consuming food that fuels you.

I’ve watched someone get his manhood questioned because of his food choices. I’ve also seen social media posts designed to boycott a coffee shop for using milk that comes from cows that consume GMO corn. I wanted to shed light on the whole process. I’m a fifth generation farmer, and have transformed from a “dad bod” to shredded very rapidly from fixing my nutrition.

In both farming and nutrition the last lesson I wanted to leave everyone with was that sometimes you just do your best with controlling what you can control.

I’m on the front lines

There is so much information online, but it’s hard to understand the slants and biases of what you read. Pushing a narrative comes across different from what I see my neighbors and I doing while farming. On the same hand, judging someone by the way they eat, is just wrong.

My goal was to just bring you into my world. Personally I grow corn, drink milk, and farm conventionally. I seek out nutritionally dense food and see through the heavy marketing that many uses to trick you. Understanding what is in our food and where it comes from has allowed me to achieve a massive transformation.

Final thoughts from the source

Food is powerful. I am amazed how it manifests in our fields and the care it takes to bring it to harvest. Nutritious food can truly change the way we look and feel daily. I take pride in growing it, and love how to use the right food to further your goals.

If you missed any of the series go back and read, it’s some good stuff.


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