From the Source | Part 3, Interview With Erik Wilson

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What does it take to get a seed to get a crop to harvest?

Erik Wilson, from My Job Depends on Ag, get’s to the source.

Farmers deal with lots of things as they care for their crops from planting to harvest. Organic farmers and conventional farmers both fight against weather, pests, and up and down growing conditions to bring their crops to harvest. Erik Wilson runs a community on Facebook called My Job Depends on Ag where he helps educate people about the vital roll Ag plays in our economy and roll in producing the food we eat. Check out my interview with Erik Wilson below.

Erik Wilson Knows his stuff

Erik is a professional applicator who helps protect organic farmers and conventional farmers ward off pests. Many people think if you eat organic that the crops are not sprayed. This isn’t necessarily true. Organic crops are sprayed with organic pesticides if they are needed. Erik highlights that crops are only sprayed if it makes sense to do so and there is great care in applying and record keeping.

I told Erik about my current alfalfa crop and the weevel problem we were facing. In a matter of days weevels can devastate a field and impact our next cutting as well. What are our choices at that point? Spraying is a considerable expense, but so it watching a whole field get ravaged. What are the impact on pollinators like honey bees. All of this must be taken into consideration. Some years the weevels aren’t a problem at all.

My Job depends on Ag.

Irregardless of how a farmer handles pests there is FDA guidelines to ensure that food is safe. Every farmer I know cares deeply about producing quality food. Alfalfa is scored on and RFV (relative feed value) scale and our bottom line is determined by a high RFV. Dairy cattle need high quality alfalfa for their milk cows. Farmers, Dairies, Truckers, Clothing manufacturers, market, and so many others job depends on Agriculture. Erik gave these people a voice in a public facebook group to show some transparency over what it is really like in the fields.

Check out the facebook group here!

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