From the Source | Part 2, Adapting to Life’s Curveballs

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What happens if you don’t know the source?

Interview with Chiropractor Dr Jessica Thompson

As a health professional Jessica was shocked when she gained 22 pounds without changing habits. She overcame a mold toxicity by eating a ketogenic diet, and eliminating inflation. Jessica started adapting to life’s curveballs, and got to the source of her issue by being super conscious of the food she puts in her body.

Check out her story below.

Do you get her situation? She promotes health, is a leader, has 3 kids, and had no idea how to fix what what was going on. One day her reality was just different, and it was devastating her health.

Some of you reading this might feel the same way. You haven’t changed a single thing and now weight is coming on, you feel fatigue, or have pain. Nobody has answers and the whole situation makes you want to throw in the towel.

Adapting to Life’s Curveballs

Jessica, after lots of searching, finally got to the source of her problem and made some drastic changes. Nutrition was the key to her getting her life back.

Jessica continues to inspire and lead. I am her customer at the Cafe of Life where she runs her chiropractic practice. I see the access to health she gives to her clients. Sometimes in 1 adjustment she can take away someone’s headache, take away a child’s earache, and give her clients much needed relief.

It all goes back to the source of the problem. For Jessica, it was her bodies inability to process mold. For her clients it is that they are out of alignment.

Are you treating symptoms or are you trying to figure out the source of what’s going on?

Check out what she does for her clients.

To connect with Dr. Jess or to book an appointment. Visit her website at


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