From the Source | Part 1, Getting to the Source with Lynn Smith

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Go to the Source!

To feel better you got to knock over the first domino!

Are you treating symptoms and not the root cause of the problem? Lynn Smith is a registered dietitian who helps people regain their vitality through functional nutrition, energy medicine, and real food. She gave some great advice and I paid her with some wild asparagus that grows on our farm. This time of year asparagus grows like a grass alongside our ditch bank. It’s a little hard to find, but the activity turns into a hike mixed with a treasure hunt for food. During our hunt Lynn and I discussed how nutrition plays a vital roll in our energy.

As a fitness coach I see people stuck, they eat according to the plan, but get no results. I was interested to hear Lynn’s advice. Check out the video below.

Imagine that all of us are some form of car. Calories we eat are like a tank of gas, but the micro-nutrients we consume is like the oil.

Lynn does a great job highlighting what food does to fuel and nourish our bodies. We can only run so long on processed foods, added fat, and added sugar. This results in people who are tired, sluggish, have gut issues, and lower moods.

Often, weight gain is a symptom, but if you haven’t gone to the source of what is causing it you are fighting an uphill battle. Take Lynn’s advice and add in a positive where you can. Make a healthy substitution, and add color to your plate!

This is such a important investment in yourself. What I wanted my readers to get is that you don’t have to feel stuck. Support your results with going to the source and have someone like Lynn help you see your blind spots.

If you are looking for more help getting to the source of your nutrition, knocking over the first domino, and getting balanced, contact Lynn and

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