From The Source | Introduction

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From The Source | Introduction

In this video I lay out my new series, From the Source. Follow along for an in depth look at what it takes to grow food by a family farmer as well as the concerns from people who are conscious of what they put in their body. My expertise is coming from a 5th generation farmer who has been at it for 19 years. I transformed my “dad bod” into a shredded physique by dialing in my nutrition and focusing on food that fueled me.

In this series I will shed light on what it takes for family farmers to make a living while also acknowledging the concerns of people who are conscious of the food they put in their body. Watch the video below to get a quick sense of who I am.

Are farmers still the good guys?

Yes, I raise non organic GMO corn that Dairy cows eat. Does that mean your milk is safe to drink? Are you better off eating organic? The alfalfa field behind me has been hit by weevils pretty bad! What do we do? If we were an organic farm how would we handle it then?

I have seen a lot of different things during my time as a farmer, and have raised GMO and Non GMO corn. I have had bountiful harvests, and have seen a hailstorm harvest our crops for us.

I’m 33 years old, farmers my age are fewer and fewer. How can we survive with rising equipment and input costs? Most of all, how can I show you that myself, and all my neighbors care deeply about producing quality food.

It’s not just a feel good thing either. It’s a matter of survival. That hay field behind me? We get paid on how high quality the RFV (Retaliative Feed Value) is. We need to produce the highest quality hay to get a good value from our crops. Over the next few days I am going to lay it all our and bring some experts in their field to help me do it. Stay tuned for daily updates to this series.

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