Farm Life Lessons: Fix Your Slow Leaks.

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“fill up that tire before it goes all the way flat would you?” My dad makes the request as I drop him off at the airport.

Urg, That dang tire. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take much time, but it’s on the list to do every time we need the loader or haven’t done it in a week.

Slow leaks are not urgent enough to force you to fix, but inconveinet enough to make you wish you did. Today’s Farm Life Lesson comes from my super slow loader tire leak.

What things in your life are you just dealing with? You put up with little inconveniences rather than fixing the root cause of the problem.

  • A squeaky door hinge could be fixed with a little oil.
  • A relationship could be repaired with a sincere apology.
  •  Your closet could be better organized with a closet organizing system.

What could you fix? Do you find yourself consistently frustrated in a certain area? Could you hire someone to help, or take a course to make the process easier?

My challenge to you is to go take your tire to get it fixed. (Whatever that may be).  Sure it might take a little more effort to get it repaired rather than just filling it up again, but you will save yourself much more time and piece of mind in the long run.


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