Don’t Text and Plant: Part 4

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Don’t Text and Plant: Part 4

A small mistake might take multiple passes to undo


One little distraction

One little comment

One bad day

That is all it takes to ruin reputations. It might seem unfair but it’s true. People can’t wait to point out your flaws. They don’t see your “strait rows” just the crooked parts.

The easiest way to make a strait line is to follow a strait line. Back and forth, its easy, just focus and keep it strait. It’s your only job. Then your pocket buzzes. You have been staring at the same point on the horizon for hours. Just a quick glance, this text might be the most exciting thing to happen to you all day.

On quick glance, one small bend in the line. Dang it.

Now what? How do you straiten it out? on the next pass you straiten out the bend, but it might take more than one pass.

Many of us go through life and keep for granted what it takes to keep it strait. We welcome distractions, because it’s something new. We get caught up in the urge to “chase shiny objects” instead of just getting to the end of the field.

If you are having a bad day, or are being fueled by emotion, don’t let that ruin what you have going.

Keep it strait. Don’t let distraction keep you from what you are capable of, and don’t text and plant!

Hope you have enjoyed this series!



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