Don’t Text and Plant: Part 3

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Don’t Text and Plant: Part 3

Someone will ALWAYS be better than you (and that’s okay).


Don’t text and plant! My lines are really strait you guys. I mean it would be bad for my look if I was making this series and my lines were a squiggly mess. However, I will never be as strait as a farmer who is using GPS. Don’t let that keep you from doing your best though!

I am a lot of things, but I will never be better at basketball than LeBron James, I will never be as fast as Usain Bolt, or as good of singer as Josh Groban.

That’s completely okay.

Don’t rob yourself from being your best even though your best will never be better than someone else’s effort. Don’t let someone else’s vacation steal the joy of your own vacation. If someone else has a nicer car, it shouldn’t stop you from taking good care of your own.

My lesson for you today is to take pride in your work regardless of the tools you have to work with. Showing up with pride will get you much further in life anyway.

Let your “do” reflect your “who”

As for me, I will keep plugging along with our 6 row planter attached to our John Deere 4440. Instead of looking at my phone, I will look around at the beautiful land I am blessed to take care of.


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