Don’t Text and Plant: Part 1

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Don’t Text and Plant: Part 1

How small distractions can leave lasting consequences.


How hard can it be to go in a strait line?

Drive half a mile, turn around, drive back…. GO STRAIT!


Who could it be?? A quick glance, it would just take a second to respond back.

You look down briefly, thumb out a message, and put your phone back in your pocket. No harm done right??? You look back, CRAP a slight bend in the line.

That corn is now planted. It’s in the ground. There is no changing it’s GPS coordinates. That little bend will be visible all year long.

How often do we get briefly distracted in a way that keeps us from our best? We put our “less than best” on display for all to see. That little bend might manifest for a non farmer as a bad attitude, laziness, apathy, or carelessness.

Focus on one thing at a time. You put your name on every pass, minor distractions might leave a mark that you will have to endure all year.

We have about 4 more days of planting before we are done. As a farmer, I see metaphors in life of my constantly changing tasks. There is nothing worse than looking down the field as seeing a bend know you got lazy. For me, that literally means don’t text and plant.

What would that mean for you?

Stay tuned for more updates of this 4 part series.


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