5 Tips to Increase Your Fulfillment

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There are plenty of jokes throughout the internet that go something like this, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy _____ and that’s almost the same thing”

What would the “blank”  be for you?

For most people fulfillment does not come from things but rather, from experiences.

My life changed when I became a coach. I wake up with energy because this opportunity allows me to make a real difference in people’s lives. I get to work with people… Please watch this video from Simon Sinek.

Are you feeling fulfilled by your daily life?

If not, here are 5 tips you can use to feel more fulfilled.


#1 Start That Passion Project.

That idea that has been floating around in the back of your head… Start it today? As a farmer I know the power in creating something with your hands. Craftsmanship is fading away because everything can be bought in a store, but it’s not the same.

I watched the detail my father-in-law put into a handmade toybox for my daughter Dahlia.

I see the pride in my mom’s eyes as she knits a baby blanket for someone.

My wife spent hours crafting autograph books for our kids to have as they visited the various Disney characters on our trip to Disney World. What a special trip.

Use your talents to make something for someone else. It will be worth it.

My Kids getting autographs from Cinderella in their custom books my wife had made.
My Kids getting autographs from Cinderella in their custom books my wife made.


#2 Make a Difference.image

It takes zero talent to just want to do something for someone else. Teach what you are good at. Mentor someone you see potential in. Show someone the ropes. Did you get to where you are today on your own or did you catch a break along the way?

Give someone a shot.

Recognize someone’s hard work.

Find a way to give back in the industry you are in.

Find a place to volunteer your time.

You will feel fulfilled when you believe that what you are doing is making a positive impact on others. Spending your valuable time and energy with no expectation of repayment is rare. Try it out and see how it makes you feel.


#3 Find a Mission That You Believe in and Contribute.

There is power in a team. Going through some trials and tribulations as a group can bring a team together. Most often a group that believes the same thing is more powerful than the sum of the individuals. When you accomplish a goal as a team the feeling of “we did it” is way better than “I did it”.  (Especially when someone tells you that we couldn’t have done it without you)


Participating in a group holds you accountable. You need to do your part so others can do theirs in order to accomplish the goal. Placing yourself with people who are passionate and driven about the same things you believe in will enhance your fulfillment by reaching milestones together.


#4 Learn, Do, Teach!

When I first started my fitness journey I had almost no cooking experience. I would eat what I could heat up in the microwave, what my wife cooked me, or what I could order in. That was about it. I had to learn some easy recipes that would go along with my meal plans. I had to learn and do it daily!

I went one step further. I began to teach what I learned, and Cooking Like a Dude was born. Check out an episode.

I found fulfillment in giving back the things I had learned. You don’t have to be an expert to help others learn what you figured out. The world would be a better place if everyone would share knowledge that helped them get where they are.

As an added benefit, there is no better way to retain what you have learned than to teach it to others.

#5 Use Your Gift.

Finding and using your gift is a special thing. Not nearly enough people are making a living doing what they love. Fulfillment comes from applying things you are talented at to help others.


I believe everyone has a gift. If you don’t know what yours is here is how to find it. Have a conversation with your best friends, customers, employees, etc. and ask them! They will let you know what drew them to you, the things they respect about you, and give you an outsiders view of the value you provide.

When you start doing what you were designed to do something magical happens. Your work holds weight, and something special is created. Find your calling and then give it away.

Grow Your Dreams…. and help other’s grow theirs. #farmstrong

If this article inspired you in any way I would for you to pass it on. It would take like 3 seconds to share and you might just empower someone to live a more fulfilled life.



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